On my linking to Popular Technology’s list


I was thinking that it would be a good idea to clarify my reasons and position for linking to and on Popular Technology’s working list of papers skeptical of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) alarm, so here they are.

When I say alarm, I mean someone acting like this is a crisis of titanic proportions, perhaps even the greatest one ever. I’m talking about someone saying that requires immediate action by every citizen to go carbon zero or negative. Neither Andrew at Popular Technology nor I mean papers that attempt to discredit AGW itself, which would be practically impossible to do (despite what some “skeptics” may tell you), unless a new paradigm of climate science is established and what has been learned over the past 150 years is all somehow overturned.

I chose to link to it only because I think it is important to show that there is a diversity of viewpoints on climate change in the scientific literature, and taking Andrew’s list along with the rest of the scientific literature on climate change (which overwhelmingly supports the notion that climate change is real, happening, and at least partially manmade, though many papers on Andrew’s list agree with those three points) gives a good view of what the science actually says. In addition, I find it very useful in helping argue for the climate realist perspective.

My linking to it does not qualify as an endorsement of his views, nor does it qualify even as an endorsement of the views of the papers on the list.