Supplementary Material for my NAS list

NOTE: The content of this post was originally going to appear with the NAS list, but, in order to make the resources shorter and more uniform, I have included the following as a blog post instead of as part of the list.



Dr. Robert Laughlin, who has two of Skeptic Link 3, I believe it is safe to say, is still a skeptic, since both of his links support skeptic arguments and since he still has two of them.



The following scientist was originally going to be on the NAS list, but since his only claim to being skeptical that was verifiable was that they signed one “skeptic declaration” (as Jim Prall puts it, which, in his opinion, merits their being on a list of skeptics), I decided to not put them on the list (since keeping them would lower the quality of it, because there isn’t enough evidence, in my opinion, to prove that they in fact were skeptical) but also decided to put their names and links here, as well as the notable honors they received (if any). If anyone would like to give me evidence to the contrary I will consider re-adding them.

1. Dr. Robert Austin