This blog was originally started in December of 2015 to provide an organized resource for myself* for defending of climate “skeptics”** for they, even those with impeccable climate credentials, have been viciously attacked repeatedly. The purpose and focus of this blog has evolved since then into two main goals (though the following are not necessarily exclusively what I work on):

1) Providing an easily understandable presentation of what I think the climate realist perspective on climate change and the evidence supporting it is, and

2) facilitating a forum where reasoned discussion, sorely lacking on this issue, can take place.

Before I dive further into the goals, I must answer the question: What do I mean when I say “climate realist”? For me, it means a view that I think is supported by much of both the data and the scientific literature. It’s a moderate view of the issue, one that generally accepts both that humans are causing significant climate change, and one that generally denies that it’s an impending catastrophe that needs immediate, drastic government action to solve. Some climate realists call themselves lukewarmers, and some skeptics. But labels aside, we can generally agree with each other on this issue. (For some other people espousing views that fit well within the climate realist view, see the bottom of the page, and for more information on the camps of thought within the climate debate, see here.)

The first part of the first goal is accomplished through my stating what I think the climate realist view on a particular climate change-related issue is, in the format of a resource on a particular climate change-related topic, and through my highlighting other work I think fits within the climate realist narrative in the form of reblogs or blog posts. These resources then highlight significant scientific research supporting the climate realist view on that particular subtopic, and clarify of why this is significant and why it supports the climate realist perspective, which brings me to the second part of the first goal.

The second part of the first goal is accomplished through the above resources and through blog posts highlighting recently published research supporting the climate realist view on climate change and its subtopics.

The second goal is accomplished through, as simple as it sounds, a comment system, which allows for debate from all sides of the climate spectrum. Note that this goal will only truly be achieved if and when this blog gains enough recognition and following to actually have comments, commenters, and debate.

Though it will not likely have much of an impact, it is my intention to work hard to bring the climate realist perspective into the limelight of the climate debate. Email me about what I write or about climate change at iammrscholar@gmail.com.

Here are some more resources for those seeking to further understand the climate realist perspective and the scientific support for it:

Cato Institute (Pat Michaels and Chip Knappenberger)

Chip Knappenberger’s Twitter

Judith Curry’s blog and Twitter

Roger Pielke Sr.’s blog (no longer updated) and Twitter

Roger Pielke Jr.’s main blog (no longer updated),  climate blog (no longer updated), and Twitter

Fabius Maximus blog’s science section and Twitter

World Climate Report (no longer updated)

*Those resources are still available, under the “Resources” tab on the right side of the home page.

**That term is broadly used as a term for those skeptical of an impending human-induced climate catastrophe, which would include me, but, as it has other meanings, it’s one which also includes people I would disagree strongly with; see this blog post for more info about the different camps of thought in this debate.

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